Board Meeting Notes from August 3, 2016



Untitled-1Wyoming Senior Olympics

“A Wyoming Winning Experience”




Board of Directors Meeting, August 3, 2016

Sheridan YMCA

417 N Jefferson St.

6:30 p.m.


Present: Rodger Kentfield, Kelly Serfas Bower, Jodi Guerin, Roger Wilson, Bruce C Petersen, Ken Konicek, Gay Woodhouse, Bill Stone, Everett McGlothlin

Call In:  

Absent:  Vanessa Larson, Gloria Simmons

Guests: Brenda Frelsi (Casper), Della Works (Casper), Robert Conley (Casper), Karen Calkin (Cody)


  1. Call To Order, President Bill Stone at 6:35 p.m.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance,  All
  3. Welcome, roll call and introductions




1.Approve minutes from May 18, 2016 meeting: Gay made the motion to approve the minutes from the May 18, 2016 Casper meeting. Jodi seconded, motion passed unanimously.


2. President’s Report:

Bill opened with a big thank you to the Sheridan team for all their hard work on a successful games. The registration and check in center was very well run and organized and the t-shirts and athlete bags are a big hit. A thank you was given to Roger’s wife Fachon for all her work and a job well done with the athlete check in.

Bill also offered a congratulations overall for a job well done.


Financial Report:

Everett shared the Sheridan financial report with the board as treasurer Vanessa Larson is out on maternity leave. Sheridan had a $6,574.85 positive balance after the 2015 games above and beyond the balance that was passed on to them from Casper ($26,680.34).  In addition to the 2015 Sheridan carry over, the group secured $15,746.38 in registration fees, $11,100.00 in sponsorship fees and a $5,000 grant from Sheridan Tourism. Expenditures were tallied at $29,989.07 to date. At this point in time, invoices for expenditures are still coming in, but the group foresees passing on at least the amount that Casper turned over to them, if not more, to Laramie.

Additionally, the Wyoming Senior Olympics received $375 to date from Sweetwater County and we have $13, 200.49 in the CD at First Interstate Bank.


Kelly and Ken reported no significant changes in the Winter Games numbers since our last board meeting.


Ken made a motion to accept the financial reports, seconded by Rodger and Bruce. Motion carried.


State Coordinator Report from Roger:

Registration for the 2016 games was at 358 participants, up from 234 in 2015. There were 21 states represented as well as Alberta, Canada. Seventy-one percent of the athletes were from Wyoming. Our games are considered “open” allowing people from any state to compete. In 2008, Sheridan had more than 500 athletes attend. Bill made the observation that the decline in registration from 2008 might be due to the board’s decision not offer both a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall winner as well as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Wyomingite. Whatever the case may be, the Sheridan group did an excellent job of building registration from 2015 to 2016. They had outstanding event commissioners as well, many of whom were commissioners in 2008. It’s their hope that they have established a great base from which Laramie can continue.

Sheridan also enforced a July 20 cut-off date for registration, which they stuck to. While it did prevent some people from competing who were late, it helped tremendously in organizing the games. The cut-off date was also very well advertised, so people who missed it knew better. Laramie plans on continuing this practice of a cut-off.

Roger made the suggestion that we attempt to work with Fusesport in improving their registration for doubles events. There were several headaches with doubles events in these games due to the fact that several athletes did not select or indicate a partner in the registration process. The Sheridan team had to field several emails and calls about partners and it is definitely something we should discuss with Fusesport before the next round of registrations.

Ken made the motion to accept the State Coordinator report, Gay seconded and motion carried.




Unfinished Business


Document Updates:

Jodi had some additional formatting suggestions for the working draft, including preparing the document with headers and descriptors so that anyone could pick up the Host City documents and know exactly what the board is looking for. She suggested not change information necessarily, just the order.

Ken made the motion to accept the working drafts with the caveat that Jodi would look at the formatting and present the board with changes. Gay seconded, motion carried.


Executive Director:

We have had several discussions over the merits of having an Executive Director for the Wyoming Senior Olympics. One of the biggest benefits of having someone in the role of ED would be bringing a level of consistency to the games and alleviating some of the pressure on the host State Coordinator. In order to determine the duties of an ED, Ken suggested that we keep a timeline of annual duties (which Roger has done a tremendous job of already) for things like the payment of trailer tags, insurance, 990, maintaining our non-profit status, recruiting large corporate sponsors, taxes, etc.

Jodi added that is has always seemed awkward to her that the State Coordinator is responsible for so much compared to the board chair. The state coordinator seems to do the lion’s share of the annual duties along with all their obligations as the host. She suggested that we begin building funds into our budget for an ED and to star assessing how many hours, how much time and what duties a person in this role would take on. One suggestion was to pay this individual $1,000/month or up to $10,000 - $12,000 per year, which should be feasible to build into our working budget. Both the winter and summer games groups would need to contribute to these funds. Wyoming’s registration fees for the games are inexpensive compared to other states, so one option to off-set the cost would be to increase registration slightly.

The general consensus is that having an ED might also help to increase participation and take the games to a whole new level.

Roger offered to circulate a draft of a job description before our next meeting.


Election of Officers:

We have been in need of new board members as several board members have expiring terms and we have had some vacancies. There were two guests interested in joining the board:

  • Karen Calkin of Cody, WY who has had experience on numerous boards and felt that she could make a contribution to the Wyoming Senior Olympics with her back ground and experience. Ken nominated Karen to the board, Jodi seconded and motion carried.
  • Robert Conley of Casper, WY who has served as membership chairman for the Shrine and brings great experience to the board as well. Gay nominated Robert to the board, Jodi seconded and motion carried.


Bill proposed coming up with assignments for board members, which would put people in positions where they have the most interest and skill.

Rodger echoed the sentiment, saying that he has been wondering what he could do to contribute to the board and that it would be nice to have something specific to do that each board member is responsible for.

Karen offered to write job descriptions for the board and asked that each member get in touch with her with their current duties on the board as well as perceived needs and responsibilities not yet assigned.












 As of the August 3, 2016 meeting, here are the board members and the year their term expires:

Board Member Name & Title if applicable

Term Expires

Bill Stone, President


Roger Wilson, State Coordinator Summer


Bruce Peterson


Gay Woodhouse


Kelly Serfas Bower


Ken Konicek


Jodi Guerin


Rodger Kentfield


Karen Calkin


Robert Conley


  • Kelly was due to expire in 2016, but agreed to stay on until 2017 to help in any way possible with the upcoming Pinedale winter games. She will no longer be acting as board secretary. Gay volunteered to take meeting minutes at the next meeting.
  • Gloria Simmons’ term expired in 2016
  • It was decided that a new board members would be elected at the annual summer meeting, but that members exiting the board would stay on through December to make for a smoother change over of duties.

There was also discussion in regards to the board treasurer. In the past, the host committee treasurer has also served as the board treasurer. Jodi shared with the group that she does have someone on her staff who will be bonded and acting as the local treasurer for the Laramie games, but that this individual will not serve as the board treasurer as well. She suggested we re-evaluate that board by-law and policy and suggested that a board treasurer report on ongoing board actions and oversee the local host treasurer who would be more directly responsible at the host level. Gay said she would look into the by-laws so we could consider the revision.


New Business


1. Duties & Expectations of Board Members: Karen will compile a list of current duties as well as suggested duties for our next meeting.

2. Fall Meeting: Typically, the fall meeting has been held in the upcoming host community. Jodi said she would provide the board with a couple of meeting date options in the month of October for a Laramie meeting.

3. RFP: We will also discuss the RFP at the next meeting.

4. Ken moved to adjourn the meeting.


Registration Deadline

15 days 19 hours 3 mins
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