Board Meeting Notes from November 2, 2017

Wyoming Senior Olympics

Board of Directors Meeting

November 2, 2017
10:00 A.M.


Present: Ken Konicek, Jodi Guerin, Larry Foianini, James Boucher, Georgia Carmin, Gay Woodhouse
Absent: Karen Calkin, Rodger Kentfield

  1. Call to Order, President Ken Konicek 10:02 A.M.
  2. Welcome, Roll Call, Introductions.




Minutes from August 2, 2017 meeting: Jim Boucher noted that there was an error in section referencing the title of the previous minutes approval and Jodi/Larry moved that the minutes of the August 2nd, 2017 and the motion passed unanimously.

New Board Members: Ken/Larry moved to add as members of the Board: James Boucher, Georgia Carmin and Bill Stone as new board members and the motion and it passed unanimously.

Board Treasurer’s Report:    General Board Funds:  Ken gave the Treasurer’s report for Roger.  The only expenditures since the last meeting were:  $250 for dues to National Senior Games, $48.72 for the trailer registration with the Laramie County Treasurer.  The current balance in the checking account is $22,790.57.  There is also a CD with approximately $13,000.  Jodi asked that the registration be sent to her since she has the trailer in Laramie.

Winter Olympics Funds: Ken reported that $22,627.35 is the balance in the account for the Winter Olympics hosted by Pinedale last year and in 2018.  Ken will find out if there are some funds remaining in the Cody Winter games account.

Laramie Summer Olympics Report:

Jodi sent out a financial statement for the Laramie games (attached to these minutes; the report combines the checking account register and the city financial software information available from the City of Laramie.  She wanted to keep track of what the City of Laramie’s contributions which were for out of pocket expenditures made for the 2017 Games.  The current balance is $5,677.07.  She listed the categories of all expenditures for the Board’s information.  Laramie generated more in registration fees than previous games due to the increase in the fees the Board passed last year. They did get a few complaints about the increase.  The registration fees increased by about $4500.  They generated $12,000 in sponsorships.  Many of the sponsors committed to two year sponsorships, so Jodi will be approaching them again for the second year’s funding.  The $770 amount for medals/pins will be required for 2018, but the medals were purchased in an amount sufficient to cover both years.  Laramie decided not to host an opening day social because of the low turn-out for that activity.  The cooler/swag was more expensive than anticipated because of the additional shipping costs required.  Laramie anticipates that it will have approximately $10,000 to transfer at the end of the games next year.  The Wildcatter costs included a $500 deposit and, $1784 for the rent.  Altitude steakhouse payment of $1600 is $1000 less than it would have cost because Altitude donated $1000 for the meal.  The space in the Wildcatter is limited, but they intend to use it again next year. They received good feedbac because of the venue, but will do it again next year.  She asked that everyone look over the schedule and let her know as soon as possible if the schedule has any problems.  They have changed two things.  They reconfigured the triathlon and the two road races (running) will be moved to the Greenbelt path which is an asphalt surface rather than concrete.  The triathlon will be on concrete (road) and asphalt.  

We discussed the time for the board meeting annual meeting and decided to move it from 7:30 to 5:00  p.m.

Georgia Carmin asked about moving the mountain biking course to Happy Jack.  Jim Boucher commented about the move from around the Rec. Center to the Greenbelt path.  There was discussion about using a trail for that run, but Ken reviewed the National Games rules and this is a road race and needs to take place on a hard surface.  Jodi reiterated that it is important to let everyone know about any changes that might be necessary as soon as possible.

Jodi will do regional and local mailings as well as internet advertising.  Jodi sent to other city and town recreational departments, golf courses, stores, recreational centers

Winter Games:  Registration is open and people can register now.  They are sending e-mail notices, this is the second year and the schedule is the same.  They are ready for more pickleball players and have added a couple of additional courts.  They will not have hockey because there are not enough players.

Old Business:

Website:  Not up to date.  We do not have the Board members listed or the new minutes.  There was a discussion about having someone on the Board help with updating the website.  Jodi said we have a gap in updating the meeting agenda and minutes.  We are looking for volunteers on the Board to help with the updates for the Website on an ongoing basis.

Election of Officers:

Ken is acting chair.  Roger Kentfield is the current Treasurer.  We currently have a vacancy in the Secretary position and a current vacancy.  Karen Calkin was discussed as an officer, but is not able to take on that position at this time.  Georgia said she was willing to act as Secretary.  It was suggested that Ken and Bill Stone work together as Chairman and Vice Chairman.  Jodi nominated Ken as chairman, Bill as Vice Chair and Georgia as Secretary the nominations were seconded by Larry.  The slate of officers was unanimously accepted by the Board.  Jim Boucher said that he is willing to work with Roger as an assistant treasurer to learn the process and become acquainted with that.

Winter Games:  Ken said that Pinedale does not want to take on the Winter games again.  Jodi said she is not familiar with all of the alpine, Nordic, swim meet, racket ball and pickleball.  They have guidelines for the winter games on the website.  Jodi said that Laramie might consider doing it and they have two areas for skiing which includes Nordic and alpine.  

New Business:

Attendance at National Senior Games Meeting: Jim Boucher moved and Jodi Guerin seconded that Larry Foianini attend the National Senior Games meeting in Albuquerque.

Host City for Summer Olympics 2019-2020:    Jim Boucher moved and Georgia Carmin seconded that the Summer Olympics for 2019-2010 Proposal provided by the City of Cheyenne was considered.  The motion passed unanimously.

Date for Next Meeting:  A date for the next meeting was tentatively set for February 13, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. after the Winter Olympic Games. 


Jim Boucher moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:07 A.M.

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