WSO Board Intro

The Wyoming Senior Olympics is a nonprofit organization registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State and governed by the Wyoming Senior Olympics Board of Directors. By aligning with this organization, Wyoming athletes can qualify for the NSGA games held every other year in various U.S. cities. The Wyoming Senior Olympics location changes every two years and sponsors events during both winter and summer. The 2019 and 2020 Summer Games will be held in Cheyenne.

The Board meets four times a year, one of them being held in the host city during the games. Elected board members serve two year terms with the option to extend. Involvement in advertising, sponsorships, social media/web design, member recruitment and other areas are encouraged.

If you are interested in learning more about or serving on the WSO Board, please email us at: 

Officers of the Board of Directors:

  • President - Bill Stone, Term:  Through Aug 2020
  • Vice President - Larry Foianini, Term: July 2019-Aug 2021
  • Treasurer/ Secretary  - Georgia Carmin, Term: Aug 2018- Aug 2020


  • Bill Stone, Term: Aug 2018 - Aug 2020
  • Larry Foianini, Term: July 2019-Aug 2021
  • Gay Woodhouse, Term: Aug. 2018- Aug 2020
  • Georgia Carmin, Term:   Aug 2018 - Aug 2020
  • Carmen Boyd, Term: Aug 2018 - Aug 2020
  • John Cox, Term:  Aug 2018 - Aug 2020
  • Skip Arnold, Term:  Aug 2019 - Aug 2021
  • Alicia Brown, Term: Aug 2019 - Aug 2021


State Game Coordinators

  • Winter Games State Coordinator 2019-2020 - Larry Foianini, Georgia Carmin
  • Summer Games State Coordinator 2019-2020 - Teresa Moore, City of Cheyenne 

Countdown to Cheyenne!

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